Discover the new secret of the benefits of argan oil

Discover the benefits and uses the argan oil.


Be the first one who’s gonna know the new secret benefits of using the argan oil.

Kenza Qiraouani Boucetta, Zoubida Charrouf have shown that the consumption of argan oil and the application of argan oil on the skin:

• Improves the elasticity of the skin in postmenopausal women.

• They have also shown that the cutaneous application of argan oil revitalizes the skin, stimulates the vital functions of certain epidermal cells, restores the skin barrier and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for skin aging. These are largely generated by solar UV radiation, ozone and exposure to tobacco smoke.
• In dermatological application, argan oil therefore exerts a nourishing effect, it stimulates irrigation.

——A joint study (Chinese, American and Spanish) published in 2017 highlights the beneficial effects of the components of certain vegetable oils, including argan oil, when applied to the skin.

It confirms its virtues for repairing the skin barrier, for healing wounds and also its anti-inflammatory effect and even possible anti-carcinogenic properties.
– An elixir for the skin In Morocco, argan oil is used in traditional medicine, for the treatment of juvenile acne, eczema, irritations, cracks or burns of the skin.
Used as a care product by Moroccan women to benefit from its nutritive, protective, softening and regenerating properties of the skin and hair.
– Argan oil is particularly nutritious thanks to its composition, rich in essential fatty acids. Fatty acids prevent skin barrier problems, decrease Transcutaneous Water Loss and increase hydration. Thus fatty acids treat certain problems such as:
– redness (associated with evening primrose oil)
– acne
– oily skin
– dry skin

–Argan oil has a high content of vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant whose main function is to protect the body from damage to cells.
Thus this oil provides it with anti-oxidant and anti-free radical properties, which make it possible to fight against aging of the skin.
Given the many benefits of this liquid gold, a craze has developed on the part of the cosmetics sector.

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